Danilo Falà

Danilo Falà is an italian photographer trained and educated at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Rome where he now teaches. following his first professional experiences in the fashion industry, he opened his own studio with his long time partner and stylist Federica Trotta. His extensive portfolio includes photo shoots, campaigns and look books for designers the calibre of Calvin Klein Men, Dominioundici, Toi et Moi Paris, Save My Bag, Wella, Retropose, Gloria Gaia Bellardi London and Procter & Gamble among others.

Danilo’s passion and innate creativity fuels his ongoing search for new inspiration in fashion and is clearly present in the style with which he chooses to shoot his subjects. this flare for style also led him to accept a role as associate editor of the fashion magazine Mia Le Journal, a magazine that delves into the notion of intimacy as a condition of unique physical and emotional closeness of human beings and its affectivity. Living in Rome and immersing himself on a daily basis in its mix of old and new gives him the creative spark needed to find the right inspiration to successfully capture his clients’ briefs.